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About Me

A Little About Me

I am a native Califorinian and lived in Fairfield, Santa Rosa, and Sacramento until 1969 when I joined the Air Force. I spent 23 years as an Air Force pilot flying C-141’s and C-5’s. After that I began a career in Information Technology (IT) creating and managing the IT Department for Yolo Federal Credit Union until retiring in 2009. I have three passions in retirement - photography, hiking, and travel - and I have endeavored to do as much of each as I can. To that end my travels have taken me to New Zealand, Africa, China, Iceland, Canada, and I’ve travelled extensively throughout the western US, Hawaii, and once to New England for fall color. I am primarily a landscape photographer but I must say that my one and only experience with big game wildlife was a wonderful experience and I’d love to go back for more if the opportunity arises.

A Little About Equipment

My primary cameras are a Nikon D850 and D300 however I will never pass up the opportunity to use my iPhone camera if there is a good shot to be had! I also travel and hike with a Sony A6300 when minimal size and weight is of the essence. For post-processing (PP) I use Photoshop CC, the Nik Collection of plug-ins, and the McPhun plug-ins.

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