2021 Trips

Spring Mustard in Napa Valley - March 3, 2021

During spring the vineyards in Napa Valley become covered with wild mustard. Quantity and quality vary from year to year but this year was the best I've ever seen it. Old growth vineyards, typically untrussed, grow lower than newer vineyards and as a result a verdant mustard growth can completely take over a vineyard until it is cut down in March.

Pacific Northwest Trip - July 15-17, 2021

Great to get back on the road again after spending so much time close to home. This was a casual drive up the coast on my way to visit family in Washington. In Oregon I stopped at a number of beaches during low tide, one of which had numerous starfish still visible on the rocks. I also stopped at one of my all-time favorite photo destinations - the Oregon Dunes NRA. 

Oregon Dunes NRA Gallery - 2010 to 2021

These images are a collection of my favorite shots taken over 6 visits between 2010 and July 2021. In all cases the dunes were accessed using the John Dellenback trailhead which is located about 10 miles south of Reedsport. This is a huge area accessible only on foot (No ATVs allowed here). The trail actually goes out to the coast but I prefer to spend all my time north of the trail in the higher dunes.

Fall Color in Yosemite and Bishop - Oct, Nov 2021

October trip to the eastern Sierra using Bishop as a base. North Lakes color was spectacular this year. We also visited Yosemite in early November. The fall color was very nice and early morning fog and smoke added significant interest to some of our shots.

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