2020 Trips

Maui Explorations - February 25, 2020

This trip to Maui was more for vacationing and hiking but really, in Maui, how can you not take some interesting photos along the way. We spent most of our time at a Kaanapali Resort. Windy and rainy but still very enjoyable. Our last 4 days were spent on the Hana coast where we had much better weather and some wonderful hikes into Haleakula's bamboo forest and along Hana's coastline in various areas,

San Diego City Skyline - March 7, 2020

Four shots of the skyline as the sun was setting. Taken from the Coronado Ferry Terminal.

Hidden Gems - 2006-2018

While not technically a "Trip" let's call this a trip down memory lane. While holed up at home like everyone else this seemed the perfect time to revisit all my images and work on a few projects. Inevitably while browsing through the last 15 years I came across a number of images that I regretfully had completely overlooked. In a couple cases I didn't have the tools or skills needed at the time to process the image properly.

Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area - June 24, 2020

This is one of my favorite places to shoot and it had been 5 years since my last stop here. Having only a few hours late in the afternoon I was hoping for some clouds but ended up getting 99.9% cloud coverage so very flat light for the most part. But no worries, even with flat light and blowing sand you can always find interesting compositions here.

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