2017 Trips

Molokai and Haleakala at Sunrise - Nov 27-Dec 4, 2017

This workshop, Creative Photography for the Soul, was hosted by the Hui Ho’olana on the island of Molokai. Dewitt Jones, Jack Davis, and Rikki Cooke were our hosts. It was a wonderful week of photography, getting to know the slower, more spiritual side of Hawaii, and a wonderful group of photographers from around the world. After the workshop we stayed overnight in Maui and went up to Haleakala in the wee hours to shoot the sunrise.

Eastern Sierra Fall Color - October 5-11, 2017

In my opinion the most beautiful time for a visit to the eastern Sierra is when the leaves are turning. But it is a fickle thing and mother nature often has a couple surprises in store. This year an early cold snap and snow decimated the early color at the higher elevations, north lake for example. However, in the June Lake Loop area, the color was the best I've seen there in many years.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore (PRNL) - September 25-28, 2017

Located on Michigan's upper peninsula, the PRNL runs along some 50 miles of the Lake Superior shoreline. It is noted for unique sculptured rocks along this shoreline and the upper peninsula is noted in general for having  beautiful fall colors. Alas, the color was two weeks later than normal this year so we only experienced the beginnings of it. Still, it was an amazing experience hiking along this coastline and exploring the forest areas, especially the areas containing white birch trees.

Washington's Palouse, Yellowstone and the Tetons - May 21-31, 2017

These images were taken during a road trip during which we planned to spend 3 days each in Washington's Palouse area (SE corner of the state), Yellowstone NP, and the Grand Tetons NP. Spring in the Palouse means lots of activity in the farmlands, vibrant greens, soft mauves. Spring in Yellowstone and the Tetons means snow on the mountains, interesting clouds, and fresh new leaves.

Yosemite Valley in Spring - May 10-12, 2017

With Yosemite spring runoff water levels near record highs, fellow photographer David Grenier and I decided to go have a look while the dogwood were still blooming. Water, water everywhere best describes what we saw in the valley. Even while we were there the Merced came up about 12" overnight pushing the edge to the road in some places.

Monument Valley Workshop - April 27-May 1, 2017

This was a photography workshop given by Arizona Highways. Our workshop leader for the trip was well known Navaho photographer LeRoy DeJolie. We spent our first night in Monument Valley camped on Hunt's Mesa which is a very sacred area to the Navaho. The views of the valley from here were simply stunning. The reminder of the trip was spent down in the valley among the mesas and sand dunes.

Boreal Snowshoe Hike - February 24, 2017

This was a snowshoe hike back into one of our favorite areas behind Boreal Ski Resort near Donner Pass. The snow conditions were absolutely phenomenal - more than we've seen in years. These shots were taken just one day after the most recent snow fall.

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