2010 Trips

New Zealand's South Island -- November 13-28, 2010

This is a chronological sequence of shots taken in all the regions we visited during our 15 day vist (West Coast, Otago, Fiordlands, Canterbury). I have included maps to show where the various regions are located. Every day we hiked through miles and miles of amazing scenery. My biggest challenge has been to sort these images down to a "definitive" set. Photos from the overnight cruise on Milford Sound are included here as well.

Point Lobos and Pfeiffer Beach (Big Sur) -- November, 2010

Any day on the Big Sur coast is a wonderful day and this was no exception. In the morning Bryan and I headed for Point Lobos and hiked along the south shore. The wave action was spectacular and so there were a lot of stops while we hiked. Later that day at Pfeiffer Beach I captured the sun's rays shooting through the Pfeiffer Arch.

Eastern Sierra Fall Color, Mono Lake, Lone Pine -- October 7-11, 2010

The eastern sierra - one of my very favorite place in the world. Fall colors were spotty but definitely there if you looked. I also visited Mono Lake for 4 shooting sessions and I spent a day and a half in Lone Pine visiting the Alabama Hills. The visited the well-known Lone Pine arch for 3 sessions - sunset, full night, and sunrise.

Kauai and the Big Island -- July 7 - 17, 2010

I spent 5 days on Kauai in a photography workshop given by Don Smith and Gary Hart whose workshops I have attended before. Even with high expectations Kauai just blew me away. Wonderful weather (lucky), great clouds for the sunset and sunrises. I did the big island on my own for 5 days, exploring the volcanic area on the east side. Again, I was not disappointed - it is a whole other kind of beauty and shouldn't be missed.

Lake Tahoe and the Pacific Northwest -- June 1 - 13, 2010

These shots were taken during a road trip to Washington for a family visit. Unlike previous visits I decided to see as much new territory as possible as well as revisit some old favorite spots. I started at Lake Tahoe with a sunrise shoot to Emerald Bay, then the back roads through central Oregon and Washington. Return home via the Olympic Peninsula and the Oregon coast where I visited the Oregon Dunes NR Area for the first time - Wow!

Yosemite in Spring -- April 26-29, 2010

This was my annual spring photography trip to Yosemite. It was a wonderful mix of weather including stormy rain clouds, snow showers, and blue sky. With all the water in the streams I found that I spent most of my time at places like Tamarack Creek and Bridalveil Falls.

Grand Canyon and Sedona -- March 12-17, 2010

These are my favorite shots taken during a trip to the Grand Canyon and Sedona, AZ. Believe it or not, this was my first visit to both places, and it certainly won't be my last. I purposely timed this trip to be in the Grand Canyon while a cold front and snow were in the forecast. I was NOT disappointed!

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